Asia Bibi: A Tragedy

Cover of “Asia Bibi – A Tragedy”

Asia Bibi is free. This Pakistani Christian woman spent a decade of her life in prison under false accusations of blasphemy. She had been sentenced to death by various courts and is now finally free. However, this is just a part of her story. In order to understand the level of injustice done to her -and to so many other Christians in Pakistan – hearing the rest of the story is essential. It starts with what actually happened to Asia Bibi ten years ago when she was living a happy and peaceful life in her home village of Ittan Wali, in Punjab, Pakistan.

The author of this book, a Pakistani Muslim living in Italy, takes us through the ensuing chain of events and places the reader firmly in Asia Bibi’s shoes.

Allah Loves Equality

Cover of “Allah Loves Equality”

Can one be gay and Muslim? The story of the campaign against homophobia in Islam and against Islamophobia in the LGBTQIA community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual), born two years ago from the idea of a young Pakistani director who lives in Italy. The transformation of that campaign, which has become famous in the world, in a film project to document the lives of homosexual and transgender people in countries with laws that criminalize their condition, started with the trip to Pakistan and the making of the first documentary that will be ready simultaneously with the release of the book. This book is the story through the voice of activists.