Films by Wajahat Abbas Kazmi

Allah Loves Equality (Documentary)

Poster of “Allah Loves Equality”

This documentary film aims to highlight the current situation of LGBT people living in The Islamic State of Pakistan.

“Allah Loves Equality” has been directed and written in a way that highlights the past and present
conditions of Queer people in Pakistan. It also covers interviews of various Queer activists from Pakistan
working for the betterment of the community. There are very few openly gay people in Pakistan; and
“Allah Loves Equality” is the first documentary in which these hidden voices got a platform to come out.
The documentary also addresses the issue of “invisibility” of lesbian people in Pakistani society, where
the decision-making role of women is continuously denied and questioned.

Fatwa (Feature Film)

Poster of “Fatwa”

Zameer is a dedicated Polio worker who has been deployed to head Polio Campaign for 40 days in Rajgarh, a so-called Christian area but strong hold for Religious Extremist Groups. Zameer faces great resistance there from the Religious Fundamentalists, who believe that their spiritual leader Osama-Bin-Laden was assassinated due to on-going Polio Campaign in the Country. They use young immature minds to keep their strength in the town of Rajgarh.

Film “FATWA” aims to highlight the reasons of increasing Religious Terrorism in Pakistan and all over the World. Religious Extremism that gives birth to the Suicide Bombing, and misinterprets the teachings of Quran to brainwash the young and immature minds. Mindset that encourages these minds to do Honor Killings of minorities in Pakistan which includes Christians, Hindus and even some sectors of Muslims too. Film exposes the religious fundamentalism that they think is right but in reality it’s otherwise.

The Dusk (Feature Film)

Poster of “The Dusk”

An Urdu Feature Film: A drama centered on a newly married couple Ali and Fatima. Ali is Mysteriously kidnapped on the 5th day of their marriage .Neither do the kidnappers demand ransom nor do they contact back.